ONE CAN IMAGINE THE DEVAEXPERT STATING POWER OF A KARATE WHO.WITH A SINGLE CHOF THE HAND.CAN BREAK HUGE ICE BLOCKS OR A HEAP OF WOODEN BOARDS PUT ON FIRE ONE SHOULD.HOWEVER.NOT CONSIDER KARATE AS ONLY AN ART BREAKING THINGS AS THISMERELY A demonstration of the power of (tamishiwar) is a part of karate shotokan. karate(kara+empty te hand.do_way) is a way(art) ofempty . handed self_defence after andergoing strenuous and regulr training in karate one becomes able to use his hands and feet far self protection oraggression karate is anancient art . its roots of origin were found in china from where spread to adjoining areas and then it came to okinawa. japan. in 1917. in karate.hands elbows .knees and feet are trained to be used far defence (blocking) and attack (striking. punching and kicking) .hands and feet are strengthened rough regular practice befor 1935 karate was nsidered to be strictly an art for self -defence but with the efforts of okinawan karate master funakoshi gichinkarate was approved as a master funakoshi gichin is celled the founder of modern karate he modifed the old techniques and the rules and regulation of training andregulations of training and competitions so as to make a dangerous and deadly art amodern. scientific and safe sport. he gave it the name shotokankarate-do. the way of empty hands or sport karate true training in karate teaches the user (karate-do) to tolerate to be humble and sincere and to be righteous through proper training a player nat only deyelops his physical health but also mental and moral qualities and potentialities karate-do training improves self-confidence power of decision willpower and power of judgement. physically theplayer becomes more agile active and tough karate-do exercises improve flexibility muscular power andstrengthening of bones. it is interesting that karate-do can be learnt by people of all age groups for the old karate;s special exercises make them physically smart and strong be bear more confidently the hardships of old age to promote shotokan karate-do in bahawal pur pakistan the activities services efforts s.tiger shotokan karate centre bahawalpur are worth mentioning this training centre was established in 1983 the founder of this centre m shahid ansari black belt 4th dan enthusiasts resident in bahawalpur may get in touch with s.tiger-s ,karate centres pakistan

There fore, the Karate Kaz is very brave person and kind heart, whatever; there are large number of Karate Clubs and Martial Arts Associations and many instructors in our country. But, unfortunately, mostly of such places are covered with political thinking. So, they are develop the politics then they complete there Karate training, they are not become a good Karate Kaz become good politic ion, for this reason Karate have lose popularity day by day and people ignore Karate. So, it is very sad reason that the more talented Karate Kaz is very much disappointed. About it and they are out of Karate till today, which is extremely unpleasant fact, as much as sorrow about it is insufficient
Pakistan :
Above these circumstances, we establish1983 in Pakistan The S.TIGER.S Karate Do CENTRE , where of, Head Quarter situated in in Pakistan BAHAWAL PUR. Under the supervision of M .SHAHID ANSARIe , International chief instructor ).